About Me

Hello, I am Daniel Banks and I am the person behind this website.
I have started this website to help beginners get started with fishing. Here, I share fishing tips and tricks about different fishing techniques and gear. My goal is to help anglers have a pleasant fishing experience.
I specialize in trolling for trout, big inland Chinook and kokanee. I spend most of my time fishing on New Melones Reservoir, Don Pedro Reservoir.
During the summer, I use toplining and downriggers to fish Lake McClure. In the colder winter months, I drag spoons, spinners and bait through Tulloch Reservoir for big rainbows.

Come spring, I move to New Hogan to fish for stripers on the Sacramento and American River in the fall for salmon.
I love to volunteer time to support the growth of fishing and help maintain the production for future generations.